What Should I Post Today?

“Get social media for you business,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Except on days when you’re staring at a blank screen wondering what in the world to [...]


Inside the (Funnel) Cake: All of the Ingredients That Made 2017 One to Remember

Historically, years that end in seven have been notable for the FunnelCake team. 2007: Navigating chopsticks and language barriers living in China. 1997: Anna celebrated her golden birthday [...]


In the Know: Facebook Page Profile Images

What’s going on with your Facebook Page’s profile photo? In today’s edition of “features social media platforms decide to change up,” we’re looking at a small [...]


Farmers Market-ing Basics

What’s the happiest place on Earth? I can’t argue with Disney, but I dream of a place where bread is warm from the oven, produce is fresh-picked and I won’t find a “made in China” sticker on the [...]


Facebook Group Updates & Features: Making the Most of Your Community

Three cheers for a happy, healthy Facebook Group community! It’s also a huge win when features are conducive to what facilitators and admins need to make a healthy community. That’s why I was [...]


What’s cooking: Ways to rock Your May Marketing

Spoiler: Your small business social media is about to go from ingredients to main course. Translation: You’ll want to sign up for our community events this month. From women helping women [...]


Lessons from Small Biz life

Welcome to the week to celebrate something near and dear to our hearts: small businesses! Not only are we a small business (wearing many hats in one day!), but we exist solely to support other [...]


Tackling 3 common content obstacles

When it comes to small business social media, the struggle can be real on so many levels. The usual suspects: time, budgets, where to start. We tackled some of our “favorite” social media content [...]


365 days of social media love

Are you so over love? Now that another Valentine’s Day is in the books, we don’t blame you for being ready to move on. While we agree that not every day needs to follow the gushy hearts and [...]


Social media bootcamp

We’re almost finished with a month that’s synonymous with resolutions, changes, motivation, good habits…whew! That’s a LOT of pressure to put on one month, not to mention [...]

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