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Beauty is everywhere and it’s happily surprising you and reminding you that beauty is all around. When you share your expression of beauty and the passion behind it, people want to know you. And they want to keep getting to know you.

And, that’s where we come in. We started FunnelCake to guide small businesses on the best way to get their story, their products, their services out into the social media world.

Whether you met us at a class, perused our Instagram account or stalked our website, you might find us different than other social media species. We always strive for fun throughout the process, AND we’re dead serious about results. Because of our quirky style and educational approach to social media, being passionate and working with clients that share our philosophy is important. Let’s connect and work together.

Anna Ebert

If you’ve smelled a pastry theme around the FunnelCake brand, you’re right on. So it’s important for you to know that Anna’s favorite dessert is a true Midwest staple: pineapple upside down cake. Despite that unhealthy way to accomplish her daily fruit intake, she loves outdoor yoga and is guilty of owning more books than furniture.

By way of a journalism degree, she discovered that she not only loves marketing, but also the many ways social media complements it.

Since 2008, she’s been lucky to help a variety of companies implement social media strategies. (Be warned: Even a non-business conversation with her will somehow tangent into a social media brainstorming session, whether you’re behind her at the grocery store or at a baseball game.) As FunnelCake’s head trainer, you’ll run into Anna in classes, networking around town and testing new social media features on FunnelCake’s social media accounts.

In The News

Who’s Next: 23 young professionals helping Arizona find its voice (AZCentral)

Small Business Marketing Agency of the Year Nominee 2017 (Small Business Marketing Association)

Nicole Mueller

Despite sampling desserts in the more than 30 countries that she’s visited, Nicole’s favorite dessert is still mint chocolate pie. (Baklava might be a close second.) As an avid explorer, she’d rather be zip lining, scuba diving or clamoring up a mountain than stuck in a gym. After earning her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, she dove head first into the digital marketing world, where she’s been ever since, holding positions as Director of Marketing and General Manager of Digital Marketing with a Fortune 500 company.

Confession: She loves digital because it’s data creativity on steroids (from ALL digital channels), which balances Anna’s creative side. But don’t let those numbers fool you: Nicole can Pinterest DIY home improvements with the best of them, with spray paint as her favorite medium. Her entrepreneurial spirit stems from a long family history of snowmobile and big rig shops as well as greenhouse greens.  Nicole pours her digital knowing and passion into small businesses as FunnelCake’s head of strategy and business development.

The Community

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the influence of strong female role models (someone has to bale that hay in the Wisconsin summers!). So, we share a commitment to supporting and working with other female-owned businesses. With so many rockstar moms, sisters and grandmas out there creating in the world, working with them is not only a privilege but also inspirational. We are proud to support the best of them! We find ourselves learning even more from them than we could have imagined and will continue our support to empower a seriously rocked-out sweet social media strategy.

We’re proud to support organizations like Women Who Start Up – Phoenix Chapter – because it really does take a village.


We are a very small village with a start-up mentality, where everyone does everything to get trainings, classes and client work completed exceptionally well and on time. We move in fast-paced circles and are very much entrepreneurs, learning as we go. If this sounds like the type of challenge that excites you, we’d love to hear from you.

We are always on the look out for exceptional details and we are happy to help you earn your credits in return. Please email your resume including your extra-curricular activities, and a cover letter explaining why you’re a great fit with FunnelCake, as well as the time you have to commit to an internship that never slows down. Send to:

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